Up and running

A little more than two months after the end of my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, this week I’ve started to run again. I had tried earlier, only to stop because my legs and body were still so sore, a lingering effect from treatments.

Fortunately, the soreness is starting to fade. Even the neuropathy has lessened. So I put on my old running shoes and some layers to protect me from the cold and hit the pavement.

I got a little more than 2 miles in on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. I walked frequently, but I expected that. I’m really slow, but to be honest I’ve always been slow. I’m really out of shape after not running basically all year.

It’s been nice to get back to running and a sense of normalcy in my life. I had so missed running. Now I just need new running shoes and cold weather gear. I have about as much hair as someone with a buzzcut, so my head gets cold out there.

I’m looking forward to running races in 2021. The prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine being approved soon has me so hopeful.

When the Charleston Distance Run was canceled this year because of COVID-19, they deferred my registration to next year, so I’m all signed up to run 15 miles through Charleston this Labor Day weekend. I hope that enough people will be vaccinated by then and cases will have dropped enough that races will go on. It would be nice to celebrate the end of cancer treatment with a race in a fun city. We’ll see.

After my last column was published in the Gazette-Mail last Sunday, I got several emails this week from readers congratulating me on the end of cancer treatment. I will miss writing the column. It was always so nice hearing from readers. But I’m also glad to move on from being known as the woman with cancer in the paper.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to write about here.

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